About Us

Our website FullMoonParty-Thailand.com has been servicing travelers and party visitors for twenty years. Visitors come to our website to quickly find answers on party related questions and support with travel logistics:

But also, our website gives readers a chance to dive deeper into the exciting sights and activities after the party, for all those who want to enjoy Koh PhanganKoh Samui, and Ko Tao.

Why should I follow the Full Moon Party Website?

Our website has been around for a good 20 years, and we have become a trusted source for all information regarding the Full Moon Party at Koh Phangan, traveling, and finding the best parties and festivals in South East Asia.

Over the years, we have been featured in a variety of international publications such as:

  • The Washington Post, USA
  • National Geographic, USA
  • Time Magazine, USA
  • The Guardian, UK
  • Lonely Planet, Australia/USA
  • New Zealand Herald, NZ
  • El País, Spain
  • Le Parisien, France
  • Veja, Brazil
  • TimeOut, Bangkok/Singapore

The Team

We are a team of international travelers and Koh Phangan residents. What inspires us is the feeling of freedom and joy that people experience every month at the Full Moon Party. Our aim is to help as many people as possible to once in their life enjoy the Full Moon Party. Let´s make the best of our time in beautiful Koh Phangan.