Koh Phangan Parties: Beyond Full Moon Party (Before and After)

Every partygoer knows that Koh Phangan is associated with Full Moon Parties, a signature event that takes place every month on Haad Rin beach. 

However, the Full Moon Party is not the only happening event on this island. You will find that there are plenty of alternative parties outside of the Full Moon Party dates that are worth stopping by. Whether it is EDM music in a jungle or psytrance music in a cave, Koh Phangan has the perfect line-up for all music lovers. 

Check out the top 10 Koh Phangan parties other than the Full Moon Party to dance the night away.

Koh Phangan Party Map


The best Koh Phangan Parties in 2023 & 2024

Oxa Beach Koh Phangan

With weekly events and parties before the Full Moon party, Oxa Beach has plenty to offer for techno fans. Starting at 3 pm, swing by this private beach party with food stalls, hammocks, swings, and great DJs to keep the mood going. Tickets start at 200 baht ($ 6)  for early bird prices. Note that this location has limited capacity, so get your tickets early for good vibes only!

Half Moon Festival

If you like festival vibes, you will enjoy the Half Moon festival. Enter Koh Phangan’s magical paradise occurring twice a month, one week before and one week after the Full Moon Party. It is located in a forest near Ban Tai village. 

This large-scale festival brings international DJs to three main stages in the event: Tribal Stage for techno music, G Floor for house music, and the Cave for groovy R & B tunes. The Half Moon festival price is 3,500 Baht ($ 93) for a two-day event and 2,200 Baht ($ 59) for a one-day event, including two drinks.

Jungle Experience

Source: Jungle Experience Koh Phangan

After a long hiatus, the Jungle Experience in Koh Phangan will return with a bang with the grand opening on 7 December 2022! It is held one day before the Full Moon Party so this is a great place for a warm-up to the big party!

Go wild in this magical jungle in Ban Tai, 1 km behind the 7/11 signs. Party until dawn to underground house and trance music from international DJ sets. Witness fire, circus, and even Muay Thai performances that will keep you up all night, or even take a Disco Nap at their Chillout Zones to rest your feet.

Eden Garden Party

One of Koh Phangan’s best-kept secrets is the Eden Garden Party, held at Haad Yuan beach. If you enjoy chill beach vibes with funky beats, techno, and house music, come to this secret garden every Saturday with gorgeous views of the bay. The price for the Eden Garden Party is free. 

Lost Paradise Party

Escape to Lost Paradise at Haad Yao East Beach where you can party all day and all-night long in this secluded area. It is recommended to take a 4 x 4 truck or a boat to the location to avoid getting lost before the party. 

Enjoy disco groovy tunes and chill vibes at a small bungalow home facing the sea. The Lost Paradise Party happens every two weeks and the entrance fee is 200 baht ($ 5). 

Cult Festival Koh Phangan

Source: Cult Festival Koh Phangan

Cult Festival Koh Phangan is the revamped Waterfall Party with a bigger line-up than before. 

Cult Festival is a club located deep in the jungles of Ban Tai and a fantastic party to head to if you can’t make it for the Full Moon Party. It has a great atmosphere, amazing lighting, and high quality sound system. 

Instead of partying two days before and two days after the Full Moon Party, Cult Festival is now a weekly event happening every Friday and Saturday until 19th November 2022. Entrance is free if you arrive early between 4 to 6 pm. Otherwise, the price will be 300 baht ($ 8) from 6 pm until late. 

The Original Pool Party

Source: The Original Pool Party 

The Original Pool Party is hosted by Coral Bungalows, affordable and well-known accommodation in Koh Phangan. It is the biggest pool party and it is free for everyone! Expect electro-pop and house music from the Full Moon Party’s very own DJs!

It is situated in the outside Pool at their private location on Haad Rin Beach so guests and ravers can enjoy both the Pool Party and Full Moon Party. You can swim, dance in the pool, and play games while enjoying the sunset view. Free taxis are available in the Haad Rin zone.

Koh Phangan Party Classics – do you miss them?

Koh Phangan Party Life is ever changing. Parties have a great run and then they go quite or disappear forever. Here are some of the party classics we fondly remember and hope will come back again.

Black Moon Party

Looking for psytrance music in Koh Phangan? Check out the Black Moon Party. Also known as Black Moon Culture, it is located on Baan Tai beach catering to trance and techno lovers. Surrounded by glow-in-the-dark wall paintings, experience the sight and sounds of the psychedelic music sets by local and international DJs. The price of the Black Moon Party is 600 Baht ($ 16). 

Shiva Moon

Shiva Moon is the place for goa psychedelic and psytrance music in Koh Phangan. Held in the valley within the jungles of Ban Tai, experience the lively vibes as you party from dusk till dawn on the different dance floors near the DJ stand or the bar. If you prefer a less crowded area, private dance spots are around the trees. 

Loi Lay Floating Parties

Loi Lay Floating Party is the only floating bar in Koh Phangan. The float is a well-decorated and covered traditional boat tied to Ban Tai pier. Partygoers can sway along the sea waves while dancing to the best live house music with a friendly community vibe. 

This event claims to have some of the best Mai Tai cocktails in Koh Phangan. Price is between 0 to 300 baht ($ 8) depending on the bouncer. 


Half Moon Party Vs Full Moon Party, Which Is Better? 

The Half Moon Party has more of a festival ambiance with a well-organized stage layout as opposed to the Full Moon Party which is more chaotic. The Full Moon Party also takes place once a month whereas the Half Moon Party occurs bimonthly as the half-moon will appear twice within the moon calendar month.