9 Places To Experience Koh Samui Nightlife in 2024

Koh Samui nightlife has one of the best scenes in Asia and around the world. Head to any part of the island and you will find that every town has its nightlife events that are worth visiting. 

Stay for Koh Samui’s nightlife after a pleasant stroll at the best beaches and you will see why the nightlife is as popular as its daytime activities. Whether it is partying all night in a dance club, doing a pub crawl, or just relaxing under the moonlight, Koh Samui is where you want to be to enjoy the best night activities. 

Read on for some of our recommended places for the best party nights.

1. SEEN Beach Club Koh Samui

Source: SEEN Beach Club Samui

Located on Chaweng Beach, SEEN Beach Club is a popular party club with live DJ sets, fire performances, and glowing neon lights from the infinity pool. Every Saturday, they host the biggest fun-filled pool party in Koh Samui where you can get an assortment of fresh seafood, tacos, and alcohol. 

There are also cabanas around the area to get some private time of your own. 

2. ARKBar Beach Club Koh Samui

Source: ARKBar Beach Club Koh Samui

If you cannot make it for the Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan, ARKBar Beach Club at Koh Samui is the next best beach party. ARKBar organizes plenty of lunar parties so that the people of Koh Samui can get a taste of the best beach party without taking a ferry across the sea.

With a majestic fire show and a great international DJ line-up, you will be kept busy all night with fun interactions with the performers and the global community of revelers. Come for the Happy Hour session for great cocktail promotions! This is a must-visit beach club for Koh Samui tourists at night. 

3. Soi Green Mango

Source: The Green Mango Club

Go for a pub crawl at the liveliest party street in Koh Samui. Named after the popular Green Mango Club, experience the heart of Koh Samui nightlife with plenty of beer bars, nightclubs, and late-night restaurants. 

Visit the biggest dance arenas at The Green Mango Club, Hush Bar, and Black Bamboo. Grab a bite at Falafel Factory after burning your calories on the dance floor. If you like playing billiards for a vibrant atmosphere, check out Viking Bar.

4. Coco Tam’s Koh Samui

Source: Coco Tam’s Koh Samui

If you are at the Fisherman’s Village, check out Coco Tam’s, a relaxing beach bar located on Bo Phut Beach. This is an open space concept where you can chill in the bean bags with a cocktail in hand. 

Feel the warm breeze of a tropical paradise as you take a bite of their delicious pizza. Shisha is available here. The highlight of the evening is their fire performances that happen at 7:30 pm and 9 pm every night.

5. Divas Cabaret

Source: Divas Cabaret

Divas Cabaret is located along Chaweng Beach Road. Formerly Starz Cabaret Koh Samui, this is a must-see show featuring a solid cast of ladyboy performers. Dressed head to toe in the most extravagant and colorful outfits, these entertainers are out to impress with their various dance styles with great music. 

Divas Cabaret is a family-friendly show with an entrance fee of 250 baht ($ 7) that includes a delicious cocktail drink. 

6. Woobar, W Koh Samui

Source: Woobar Koh Samui

Woobar is W Koh Samui’s signature bar where you can immerse yourself in a luxury experience with an unobstructed sunset view from Koh Samui. 

Enjoy sipping some of their specialized cocktails from the inside of an infinity pool while staying dry with their unique layout. You have to see it to believe it in this gorgeous location at Maenam, Koh Samui.

7. Muay Thai Boxing Koh Samui International Stadium

Source: Samui International Muay Thai Stadium

Instead of watching a bar brawl, watch international and local fighters go head-to-head in the Muay Thai Samui International Stadium. Experience Thailand’s local sport with great music and entertainment. Muay Thai is a martial art sport that involves striking that uses every limb of the body until someone is knocked out.

 It is an entertaining show for martial art lovers. The competitions are held every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday starting at 9 pm for three hours long. 

8. Dining On The Rocks Koh Samui

Source: Dining on The Rocks – Six Senses 

If you are looking for a romantic sunset dining location that is far away from the party scene, make your way to Dining On The Rocks By Six Senses in Koh Samui. Dubbed as the best dining place in Koh Samui, this award-winning restaurant serves exquisite Thai fusion fine dining food with vegetarian options. 

You will need to reserve one day in advance to dine in this highly recommended restaurant. 

9. Chaweng Night Market

Go on a foodie adventure at Chaweng Night Market at the best prices! You will find plenty of authentic Thai street food as well as international snacks to delight your taste buds. This night market has a waterfront view of Chaweng Lake. 

Spot some fresh seafood, cheap alcohol, and plenty of affordable apparel and souvenirs. Do note that the food vendors are the same as Fisherman’s Village. Chaweng Night Market is open daily from 4:30 pm until 12 am (except for Fridays and Sundays).


Is Koh Samui A Party Island?

Koh Samui is a party island where you can go all out in style. When the sun sets, it is the island’s turn to shine bright with lots of beach clubs, disco parties, lounge and beer bars, and fire performances. Get ready to party the night away from dusk to dawn.

Is There A Full Moon Party on Koh Samui?

There is no official Full Moon Party on Koh Samui. There are, however, similar lunar parties such as Half-Moon and Black Moon parties organized by local bars and clubs around Koh Samui. Head to Chaweng Beach or Lamai beach for the party of a lifetime that can rival Koh Phangan.

Full Moon Party: Koh Samui Vs Koh Phangan, Which is Better?

Whichever Full Moon Party you head to will keep you up all night. Both Koh Samui and Koh Phangan have similar beach party vibes: loud DJ music, solid fire performances, and energized party-goers. However, if you prefer a less crowded party scene, Koh Samui Full Moon Party will fit that criterion. 

Where is the Full Moon Party Thailand 2022?

The Full Moon Party Thailand is at Haad Rin beach in Koh Phangan, an island located 25 km (16 miles) north of Koh Samui. Full Moon Party is accessible via a short ferry ride from one of the Koh Samui piers in Maenam Samui, Lipa Noi, and Na Thon town. 

Check out the latest Full Moon Party Thailand schedule here.