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Below is a list of useful links for World Travel. If you are interested in doing a link exchange on the topic of travel, or you have found a useful website about traveling that you think should be included below please email us at


Title: Trippy Traveller
Description: Extraordinary articles and fictions connected to travel, mind exploration and self awareness.

Title: Trippy Traveller in Japan
Description: Articles exploring lesser known aspects of Japanese culture.

Title: Trippy Traveller in South America
Description: Trippy Traveller does South America.

Title: Villas in Duquesa spain
Description: Holiday Villas and Apartments to rent in Duquesa

Title: Myanmar Trains Guide
Description: Guide for train travel in Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) including online ticket booking and recommendations of hotels near stations.

Title: Vietnam Train Tickets
Description: Get train tickets for Vietnam trains here. Also a guide to rail travel in Vietnam and resource for hotels near train stations.