The Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan is the biggest and best of its kind. It's also the original Thailand Party. Every month between 10,000 and 30,000 revellers gather on the beach of Haad Rin to dance, drink, meet people and experience one of the greatest parties. For many people going to the Full Moon Party is the highlight of a trip to the South of Thailand. The Full Moon Party is a safe and well organized event that everyone can enjoy. Watching the sunrise over the ocean the morning after the full moon is an unforgettable experience. Haad Rin Nok is a stunning white sand beach and Koh Phangan a tropical paradise. It is the perfect setting for the perfect beach party.

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Full Moon Party Thailand

The Rock

Situated on a big rock at the southern end of the beach, The Rock is a great place to chill out and take in the sights and sounds of the party. They play more soulful and funky tunes. Great cocktails and a good place to warm-up for the party.

Soulful and funky tunes

Club 9

Club 9 is the newest club in Koh Phangan. It is also the largest indoor venue in Koh Phangan. Club 9 is just behind Zoom Bar on Haad Rin Nok beach. Club 9 attracts international DJs for the Full Moon Party. LTJ Bukem has already played at Club 9. The club has drinks deals, skittle vodka and a VIP room.

Biggest venue / famous DJs

Paradise Bungalows

Next door to The Rock is Paradise Bungalows. This is the place where it all first started, and it is still a great spot to enjoy the Full Moon Party. It is one of the biggest venues. This is the place that foreign DJs are most likely to play. The resident DJ A is a masterful DJ who has pioneered the tough progressive sound that Haad Rin is famed for.

Tough Progressive

Drop in Club

The Drop in Club is another long standing favourite with party-goers. It has a great bar with several great spots to chill as well as lots of seating on the beach. The Drop in Club has a good sound system that pumps out the most commercial music. Expect to hear chart hits, RnB, hip hop and dancefloor fillers. They also have a foam party 2 days before the FMP.

R n B, Hip Hop, Rock

Zoom Bar

The Zoom Bar is all about psy-trance. It is a smaller venue with lots of character. Some of the most avid and fervent party-goers are to be found at the Zoom Bar going for it well into the next day.

Vinyl Club

Vinyl Club

The Vinyl Club is one of the best places to dance. DJ Dam and guests bang out psy-trance and hard techno. Vinyl Club has a great sound system and lots of podiums for all those who are not shy about showing the world their dance moves.

Psy-trance and hard techno

The Cactus

The Cactus is located on the center of the beach, near the entrance to the beach. Because of its location this place is always busy. As with the Drop in Bar, the sound is more commercial. Expect to hear hip hop, RnB, rock and old skool classics.

Hip hop, RnB, old skool
Tommy Bar

Tommy Bar

Tommy Bar is for the truly hardcore. The music is a mixture of psy-trance and banging techno. DJs Note, Patt and Psyfrog (Black Moon Culture) really get the crowd going. This is the venue that attracts some of the craziest party goers. Lots of flourescent sculptures and backdrops make it a great place to really get down.

Psy-trance and techno
Mellow Mountain

Mellow Mountain

Mellow Mountain is located at the quieter northern end of the beach, this is the perfect spot to get a breather from the hectic atmosphere of the party. There are lots of cushions and hammocks to chill out on. Mellow Mountain also has some interesting drinks on offer.

Chilled and psychedelic
Sunrise Beach Bar

Sunrise Beach Club

If you get to Haad Rin a few days before the big night, this is the place to head. The Sunrise Beach Club gets the party going for 5 days leading up to the main event. There's funky and electro house, D & B and Jungle to get you in the mood. The Sunrise Beach Club is in the middle of Haad Rin Nok.

Electro, DnB, Jungle
The Orchid

The Orchid

The Orchid is devoted to breakbeats: hip hop, breaks and drum and bass. It is a great venue on the center of the beach. Resident DJ Kay really whips the crowd up to a frenzy. The Orchid is always one of the last places to shut the following morning.

Hip hop, DnB, breaks
Backyard Party

Backyard Party

The Backyard Party starts at 11pm the day after the FMP. It's located in the jungle just south of Haad Rin Nai. The hardcore come here along with the best of the DJs from the FMP. The party never seems to end.

Trance, house, ?